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  • Three Dances

    Three Dances

    Melbourne, Australia — 7 April 2008 During the Melbourne Retreat, as the first morning program drew to an end, Amma announced that she would like to dance with all her children. After the last person received their hug, Amma stood up, and asked everyone to move back and form a large circle around her. She…

  • We can be better people

    “If We Take One Page of Amma’s Book of Life, We Can Be Better People.” 6 April 2008 — Melbourne, Australia On the first night of Amma’s programmes in Melbourne, Di Kerr, an elder from Australia’s Wunrundjeri Aborigini Tribe, welcomed Amma. “Amma, you are an inspiration to a lot of people, and if we all…

  • Amma her visit to Brisbane, Australia 2008

    Amma her visit to Brisbane, Australia 2008

    Amma visited Brisbane for one day on the 10th of April, 2008

  • Swami Ramakrishnananda’s Tour

    Swami Ramakrishnananda to visit the following countries. Shanghai, China Sep 6th & 7th Public Programs 7-9pm Venue: Malik’s Yoga Shala 300 Huai Hai Middle Rd. B3 HongKong New World Tel:021-53836633,53012006 info–at–malikyogashala.com Map to location: IAM meditation class with Br Shantamrita Chaitanya September 8 at 9:30-1:30 at Malik’s Yoga Shala Address 300 Huai Hai Middle Rd.…

  • Amma in Gold Coast

    Amma in Gold Coast

    14 – 16 April 2006 — Gold Coast, Australia The second and final retreat of Amma’s 2006 tour of Australia took place on the shore of the aptly named Gold Coast. The cool sea breeze, the golden textured sands and the sound of the waves breaking upon them all provided a soothing environment for the…

  • Mother nature in Melbourne

    Mother nature in Melbourne

    5 – 9 April, 2006 – Kyneton & Moorabbin, Australia (both near Melbourne) At Amma’s retreat outside of Melbourne, the air was filled with the sound of cockatoos and some devotees even spotted wild kangaroos grazing just across a field near the program hall—not to mention all the domestic cows, horses and sheep roaming about.…

  • A shore with two oceans

    A shore with two oceans

    Sitting on the beach, Amma statred making little temples with the wet sand -one, two, three, four, five temples, but willingly let the waves wash each one of them into the sea.

  • Playful darshan

    Playful darshan

    17 – 27 April 2001, AustraliaIn case you thought spirituality was only somber, reconsider. Observe Mother’s darshan programs, especially in the West, where smaller crowds allow time for Mother’s playfulness to surface even more than usual! The first night after the group’s arrival in Australia, Mother had great fun talking about the adventures of the…

  • In the Rain!

    17- 27 April, Australia Melbourne Retreat The special meditation session with Mother had been held indoors because of both cold and rain. The last mantra, “Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu” (“May all beings in the universe be happy”) was reverberating. Then silence. Not quite. Rain. Pitter-patter. Then faster. The lights came up; Mother looked ruefully around…

  • The spontaneity of a child

    10 April 2000, Sydney During the Devi puja in Sydney, Amma led everyone in chanting the 108 names of the Divine Mother. The devotees chanted with so much energy and concentration that by the time the last few mantras were being chanted, the atmosphere in the hall felt charged with a Divine presence. Silence followed…