We can be better people

“If We Take One Page of Amma’s Book of Life, We Can Be Better People.”


6 April 2008 — Melbourne, Australia

On the first night of Amma’s programmes in Melbourne, Di Kerr, an elder from Australia’s Wunrundjeri Aborigini Tribe, welcomed Amma. “Amma, you are an inspiration to a lot of people, and if we all took one page of your book of life, we can be better people, and being better people, we can have a better world. May my creator surround you and keep you safe. I offer my hand with friendship and I offer my hand as a symbol of reconciliation, so that we can all walk together in peace and harmony. On behalf of my elders, I wish to welcome you from the tops of the trees to the roots in the ground.”

Reverend Helen Summers, the founder, director and minister of the Interfaith Centre of Melbourne, also welcomed Amma. After giving a heart-felt summary of Amma’s charitable activities, she invited Amma to speak at the next Parliament of World’s Religions, which will be held in Melbourne in 2009.