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Restoration of the Kalari

The Kalari is the small temple where Amma first started giving darshan consists of a tiny inner shrine room and an outer-covered veranda where Krishna Bhava used to be held in 1975. Bhajans were sung every evening. Over time, the roof made of coconut tree planks became unstable and the concrete floor of the inner […]


Stupika installation at Amritapuri

6 April 2000, Amritapuri Today the Gopura-Stuptika Pratishtapana ceremony was performed at Amritapuri ashram, and the main meditation dome, which is the highest point of the temple building, received a sacred Stupika (a pointed metallic apex vessel). The side domes also received smaller Stupikas. According to the ashram astrologer, this is the first auspicious period since […]