Brahmacharya Deeksha ceremony


The Brahmacharya Initiation ceremony involves fasting, shaving one’s head except for a tuft of hair (by the male brahmacharis), the performance of a Ganapati Homa, receiving yellow robes, the sacred thread and a new name from Amma.

Homa before the Deeksha

After donning the yellow robes, the brahmacharis are given new names by Amma. Amma puts the sacred thread across the shoulders of a brahmachari.

After a day of fasting, the newly initiated brahmacharis sit down for their meal, served by senior sannyasis. They themselves cook this first meal, after obtaining the food items by begging, in accordance with the ancient tradition of renunciates.

After receiving formal initiation into Brahmacharya, many of the brahmacharis serve in various branch ashrams or by going on tours to various parts of India and the world. Thus they spread Amma’s message of Love and Compassion. Some of them are put in charge of the various institutions run by the Math, providing a means for devotees, living away from Amma, to stay in touch with Her, the ashram and spiritual life.

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