Xmas gifts for an Orphanage

Xmas eve, Fiji On Christmas Day a group from Amma Fiji visited the Happy Home Orphanage in town of Domain. There they met five boys who had no family home to return to and were spending Christmas Day with a few dedicated staff. They were provided with new school bags, snacks, and items for personal […]

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Show enthusiasm to practice the teaching of Mahatmas

In the same way you celebrate the birthdays of these Mahatmas, with so much care and enthusiasm, you should demonstrate the same care and enthusiasm in putting into practice their teachings in each and every moment of your life

BalaKendra Xmas

Christmas carol of Swiss Bala Kendra

The Bala Kendra (children’s group) in Switzerland (Kindertreff Ziegelhütte) sang and played Christmas carols for elderly people in a retirement home near the Amma Center in Germany. The old people were very moved by the concert and applauded enthusiastically at the end. They very much appreciated, that these young people came to sweeten their holiday […]


Swami Amritaswarupananda to visit Dubai

Swami Amritaswarupananda to visit Dubai from  Dec 21 to 26. During his week long visit, he will hold Bhajans, Satsangs and retreats at different venues. 21, 23 Dec 2011 7.30 pm to 10.00 JSS Private School, Al Safa, Dubai 22 Dec  2011 5 pm onwards Foodlands banquet hall, Abudabi 24 Dec 2011 Retreat 25, 26 […]

Flood Relief Free Housing

Gift of grace in Raichur

Within 20 days, Amma has completed 100 houses. records were broken again and again 242 houses were handed over on August. Now almost all the allotted houses on the three sites stand completed, awaiting allotment by the Government for the displaced families in Raichur

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Amma in Michigan

Nov-27-Dec-1, Michigan – USA Yatra 2011 During the 5 day visit to Dearborn, Michigan, Amma conducted two days of public programs as well as a 3 day retreat. On the first day of her visit, Amma was welcomed by several local dignitaries including the Mayor of Southfield, Michigan Ms. Brenda Lawrence and Michigan State Representative […]

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Amma in San Ramon

Nov  20 -25,  San Ramon, California – America Yatra 2011 After departing Europe, Amma flew over 5000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to Her ashram situated in the rolling hills of San Ramon, California for a week long program. Thousands of devotees braved the rain showers and the cold weather to come and receive Amma’s […]

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Amma arrives at Amritapuri

4 Dec 2011, Amritapuri. Amma arrived at Amritapuri at 11.52 am after her Europe and USA yatra. Smiling and spreading joy she walked slowly to her room, touching some, gesturing to others and glancing all. A lot of new people from India and abroad were there to get a glimpse of Amma. Some of them […]

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Amma in London: Tie our minds to God with the lifeline of devotion

15 – 17 November, London, UK – Europe Yatra 2011 Before traveling to London to conclude her 25th European Tour, Amma visited her center near Antwerp, Belgium. She spent the day there with local devotees and served a prasad lunch. From there Amma continued on to the United Kingdom and conducted a 3 day program […]

Around Amma 2011 Europe 2011 Photos

Amma in Mannheim

Mannheim, Germany 10 -12 November, Mannheim, Germany – Europe Yatra 2011 After Barcelona Amma travelled to Mannheim, Germany for the next stop of the Europe tour. Being the last weekend stop of the tour, devotees flooded in from all corners of the continent for one last chance to see Amma before the end of the […]