Month: April 2010

  • Like a tree in the sun

    Like a tree in the sun

    ‘Giving shade to others, while standing themselves in the scorching sun, giving fruits to others, Mahatmas are like trees.’ Amma personified this saying, offering herself to the thousands who came for relief from problems, or those who came out of spiritual curiosity.

  • Be near Amma, be like Hanuman

    Be near Amma, be like Hanuman

    “If you are understanding the principle of the Guru, then the pain of separation from the Guru actually takes you to the Goal. If you are going forwards while understanding that Principle, then you won’t collapse.”

  • Wonderful celebration in Kochi

    Wonderful celebration in Kochi

    It was like a shower of grace for the devotees as they bunched together to get a glimpse of Amma as she walked to her room. As she looked down from the balcony at the devotees, they were singing and dancing in bliss, despite the downpour.

  • Amma in Trissur

    Amma in Trissur

    Amma sang many old bhajans along with a few newer ones. Her satsang stressed values in society, the importance of dispassion, and warned of Kerala’s dependence on intoxicants.

  • Amma in Singapore

    Amma in Singapore

    The different religious representatives presented a short prayer for world peace in the presence of Amma. The faiths included Muslim, Christian, Taoist, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Jain, Bahai, Hindu and Sikh.

  • USA Canada Yatra 2010 of Amma

    BuffaloMay 25 The State University of New York, Buffalo, will be honouring Amma with an honorary doctorate in humane letters. (This is a ticketed event with a limited number of seats open to the general public. These tickets, which are free of charge, will be available from the University at Buffalo website sometime after May 1,…

  • Amma in Sydney

    Amma in Sydney

    Amma held two days of programs with satsang, bhajan, darshan and a Devi Bhava darshan.

  • Amma in Melbourne

    Amma in Melbourne

    Amma held two days of public programs, a three-day retreat and Devi Bhava in Melbourne.

  • Amma to visit Central Kerala

    Amma will visit 4 cities in Central Kerala, and hold satsang, bhajan & darshan.

  • Amma in Gold Coast

    Amma in Gold Coast

    Amma held a 3-day program, including a retreat and Devi Bhava.