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Educational Research for societal development

Inspired and guided by Amma, Amrita University has given importance to research activities focusing on the societal developments.

Amma was born in a small fishing village, where 90 percent of the people lived off daily wages. Many people in the village had valvular heart disease. Even though they were diagnosed with blocks in their cardiac valve, they could not undergo surgery as the valves were only available from abroad and were very costly. So, people who should have lived until age 70 or 80 died by the time they were thirty or 40. Amma would think, “If only we could find a way to make valves that were not so expensive.” This is how Amma became interested in doing research for the sake of serving the poor.

Science must be the hands and Spirituality must be the eyes of humanity.

– Amma

Amrita is a partner in various international bilateral governmental research programmes and initiatives with International Universities.
– Indo-US Initiative (Cyber Security, Cyber Crimes, & Cyber Forensics)
– Indo-European Union (Erasmus Mundus, India4EU programs)
– Indo-Japan Initiative in Wireless Networks & Applications
– Indo-Brazilian bilateral programme on Wireless Networks and Techniques
– Indo-Italy bilateral Science and Technology Co-operation in Robotics
– Indo-Brazil programme in Nanomaterials for Renewable Energy.

Science, technology, and spirituality must unite in order to ensure a sustainable and balanced existence of our world.

– Amma

Centres excellence have been started in cutting-edge areas:

  1. Wireless Networks & Applications
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Computational Engineering & Networking
  4. Virtual Labs
  5. E-learning
  6. Haptics
  7. Educational Technologies
  8. Nanosciences & Molecular Medicine
  9. Biomedical Engineering
  10. Cancer Prevention & Cure
  11. Biostatistics
  12. Environmental Sciences
  13. Taditinal Medicine

These research initiatives have the support of major national laboratories, industry leaders and agencies like TIFAC, DST, ISRO, DIT, DRDO, Microsoft, HP, Infosys, MDS Pharma and Biocon to name a few. Amrita is also a partner in the Indian government‘s Ministry of Human Resource Development‘s National Mission for Education using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for various national projects in haptics, virtual labs, Educational Resource Planning, Natural Language Processing and interactive e-learning systems.

Amrita has now over 100 research projects taken up under different areas.
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Segregating science and spirituality has been the greatest crime against humanity in the past century. – Amma

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