Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda Laboratory

Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda (ACARA) Laboratory at Amrita School of Ayurveda of Amrita Vishwa Vidhya Peetham, has been set up with the blessings of Amma. Inspired by Amma’s vision to foster the global acceptance of Ayurveda through world-class multidisciplinary research, the lab is constructed.

Ayurveda Research lab and studies will help
1. Understand the mechanism of action of Ayurvedic medicines.
2. To assess the efficacy of Ayurvedic medicines administered in humans
3. Interactions between Ayurvedic medicines and allopathic medicines can be checked.
4. The presence of heavy metals in Ayurvedic medicines and also to check their quality and consistency.

In the first phase of its operations, the ACARA Laboratory has acquired over 30 instruments to set up facilities for Chromatography (HPTLC), Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS and LC MS/MS), Microbiology, Cell Culture, Gel Documentation, Genetic Studies, Fluorescent Microscopy and other Analytical Techniques to test quality of Ayurvedic medicines.

This lab will cater to the needs of Ayurveda PG and PhD Scholars for the pursuit of their research projects, Scientists and researchers interested in multidisciplinary research in Ayurveda, Clinical researchers in the field of Ayurveda as well as the Ayurveda Pharma Industry.

The new lab was inaugurated at Amrita Shcool of Ayurveda in Amritapuri on 15 December 2017.