Mind need maintenance; awareness is the alarm

6 – 7 July, Washington DC – USA Yatra 2011

Amma arrived in Washington DC, the capital city and political hub of the United States of America. She held programs over 2 days at the Hyatt Hotel and Convention Centre where thousands came to receive Her darshan.

Many came to enjoy Amma’s bhajans and were moved deeply by their darshan, experiencing the peace and bliss found in Her presence. The venue was filled to capacity for the Atma Puja which was lead by Amma on the final night, followed by Satsang in which Amma said: “A house or car needs maintenance throughout its lifetime; only then can we use it properly. The mind is our most valuable inner equipment. Does it not need constant maintenance? Only if it is maintained well can we use it whenever we need it. How can we maintain our mind well? We should always observe our thoughts and expectations. If we do this we will be able to nourish good thoughts and reject negative ones. Most houses have fire-alarms fitted in them; when the temperature level soars, the alarms ring, the fire engine arrives and does its best to rescue people. Awareness is the fire alarm of the mind. Now we have knowledge but no awareness. We should bring awareness into our minds.”