Around Amma 2018

A cool breeze of Love in the Nation’s Capital

1–2 July, Washington DC – America Yatra 2018 Upon the conclusion of Amma’s visit to Boston, Amma travelled down the East Coast to the nation’s capital for her annual two-days of programs in Washington, D.C. Immediately upon arrival, Amma graced the local devotees and tour staff with an unexpected stop at the beautiful MA Center […]

America 2015 Around Amma 2015 Videos

Amma in Washington DC

5-6 July, Washington DC – America Yatra 2015 Amma held two days of programs in Washington DC., the Capital of the United States. Devotees from around the region who had been waiting for almost a year came to the Marriott Gateway Hotel in Crystal City, Arlington, just across the Potomac River from the National Mall, […]

America 2010 Around Amma Photos Satsang Videos

Mind need maintenance; awareness is the alarm

6 – 7 July, Washington DC – USA Yatra 2011 Amma arrived in Washington DC, the capital city and political hub of the United States of America. She held programs over 2 days at the Hyatt Hotel and Convention Centre where thousands came to receive Her darshan. Many came to enjoy Amma’s bhajans and were […]