Amma is a role model for all of us

19th – 21st October, Utrecht, Netherland — Europe Yatra 2010

In Netherlands Amma was welcomed by famous Dutch actress and former female kickboxing world champion Lucia Rijker.

Welcoming Amma Mrs Rijker said “Her presence alone brings a oneness, an ideal world where we are one. Amma is a role model for all of us, to give generously to one another, from our hearts, selflessly, to make this world a better place.”

Rijkers gave a workshop for AYUDH Europe and told them that “Amma inspired me as a role model, because her message and her mission are so powerful and so selfless.”

Tanja JadnanansiNg, Member of the Parliament for the Social Democratic Party and Spokeswomen on Youth also came to give Amma a hearty welcome and to receive her blessings. She said: “Because of Amma all my brothers and sisters in India, have the chance to receive education and a better future- this fills me with gratitude.”