Cleanliness drive to usher in Kerala s 54th Birth Anniversary

Amritapuri, October 25th, 2010

MAM is to launch a cleanliness drive throughout Kerala on November 1, to create social awareness about humanity’s debt to earth and nature. Polluting earth is equal to injecting poison into one’s blood. The lullaby that we sing to Mother Earth—our foster mother, to whom we are as indebted as to our birth mother—should not be a swan song.

Kerala state’s 54th Birthday celebrations will coincide with the completion of the cleaning of more than 54 public places in Kerala’s 14 districts on October 31st. This cleaning will be undertaken by Amala Bharatam Campaign (ABC) volunteers, supported by the public. It is hoped that this initial phase of will act as an impetus to further propagate ABC in the days to come.

The MAM proposed to take up new practical initiatives to clean India, promote health through hygiene and properly dispose waste and make people awre of the need to maintain environmental cleanliness through this ABC.