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Amma is a great cultural ambassador and a great humanitarian

26-28 October, Houten, Netherland – Europe Yatra 2015 The sixth stop in Amma’s 2015 Europe Yatra was Houten, Netherlands, Amma’s 16th visit to the country. Amma came right after her first program in MA Center Germany. In the two days before her arrival, many volunteers had been busy building up the Expo for Amma’s visit […]

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Amma is a role model for all of us

19th – 21st October, Utrecht, Netherland — Europe Yatra 2010 In Netherlands Amma was welcomed by famous Dutch actress and former female kickboxing world champion Lucia Rijker. Welcoming Amma Mrs Rijker said “Her presence alone brings a oneness, an ideal world where we are one. Amma is a role model for all of us, to […]

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Amma in Holland

Holland, 09 Nov – Europe Yatra 2008 The number of people coming to receive Amma’s embrace in Netherlands had grown once again. Many foreigners from neighbouring countries and thousands of devotees from major Dutch cities like Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam came to see Amma in the sport hall ‘Maaspoort’.