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Nature is doing a Tandava dance, create awareness

(1 Jul '11)

22 – 23 Jun,Dallas, TX — USA Yatra 2011 Amma held two days programs Addison, Texas at the Intercontinental Hotel and Convention Center. Amma was welcomed to the city by Mayor Todd Meier who said: “Welcome, we’re so glad you’re here in Adison and thank you for connecting us to your world and to the […]

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Tie the rope of love for God around our waist

(25 Jun '11)

17 – 20 Jun, Albuquerque, USA Yatra-2011 After concluding her LA programs, Amma inaugurated a the MA Centre in Redondo Beach in the South Bay region of greater Los Angeles. After satsang and bhajans Amma distributed Prasad to the devotees who had gathered for the event. Amma then travelled 15 hours across the desert to […]

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Amma in Los Angeles

(22 Jun '11)

10 – 14 June , Los Angeles, USA Yatra 2011 Amma held 5 days program at the Hilton Hotel near LAX International Airport. Local council representative Jan Perry presented Amma with a certificate of commendation to welcome her as a celebrated humanitarian by the City of Los Angeles. Amma also inaugurated new MA Center in […]

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Amma in San Ramon

(13 Jun '11)

2 – 8 Jun 2011, San Ramon, CA – 2011 USA Yatra A seven day program was held at the MA Center, Amma’s ashram. Apart from daily meditation, satsang and bhajans a three day retreat was also held. During a question – answer session one devotee asked Amma “why does Amma gets more beautiful and […]

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Amma in Seattle

(2 Jun '11)

27 -30 May , Seattle, – USA Yatra 2011 Commencing her 25th tour of North America, Amma was welcomed to Seattle, also known as emerald city, by many of her American devotees. At the Hyatt Regency Convention Center, representatives from the local Native American Indian community performed a number of songs for Amma, expressing the […]

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Masala Dosa festival at Amritapuri

(28 May '11)

23 May 2011, Amritapuri Amma’s US tour is about to start. Before every tour, Amma makes it a point to meet each and every Ashramite. Usually it takes more than 10-12 days of continuous Darshan for Amma to meet everyone and each day Amma would have to sit more than 15 hours, receiving one and […]

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Panoramic view from Amrita Setu

(3 Apr '11)

This is the 360 degree panoramic view from Amrita Setu bridge, which connects the main land to Amritapuri Ashram land over the back waters. note: Drag the mouse to your left or right to pan, scroll the mouse wheel to zoon in and out

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