Amma is unparalleled

27 Sep 2012, Amritapuri – Amma’s 59th Birthday celebrations

Aryadan Mohammed, Minister for Power & Transport, inaugurated an Amrita Sahaya Nidhi program, wherein families who lost a member in the Sivakasi fireworks-factory explosion were given Rs. 100,000, and those who were seriously injured received Rs. 50,000. Tamil Nadu MLAs, Sri. Thangatamil Selven and Sri. R.M. Palani Swami, helped distribute the compensations.  This was part of the number of charitable activities launched  during the 59th birthday celebrations of Amma.

pic: Aryadan Mohammed, Minister for Power & Transport looks on as
Amma consoles one of the families who lost a loved one in the recent tragedies in Sivakasi

Aryadan Mohammed then delivered a speech in which he said, “Amma is the only person  in the world who is completely established in spirituality and works for the world. Amma is unparalleled. For Amma is there is no caste, religion or nation. She is a single entity that is worshiped by the entire world. Amma guides us to peace and contentment. This is why Amma is immortal.”

Ramesh Chennithala, MLA and President of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee, handed over MAM’s financial compensation to families who lost a member or had a member seriously injured by the Kannur LPG tanker explosion. Families who lost a member received Rs. 100,000. Families who had a member seriously injured received Rs. 50,000. Ramesh Chennithala said, “Amma has given the message of love and tenderness to the world. Amma’s ocean of love is comforting humanity. May this always continue to be so. I pray that Amma will be able to continue her works with strength and overcome all obstacles.”

Amma’s method for service is an example for the entire world

27 Sep 2012, Amritapuri – Amma’s 59th Birthday celebrations
During the 59th birthday celebrations of Amma, along with the many charitable projects, one of the main charity projects was extending the charitable care at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in Cochin, wherein MAM will provide 200 heart surgeries and 50 kidney transplants for the poor free of cost.


Launching this program, His Excellency the Governor of Chattisgarh, Sekhar Dutt said: “It is the need of the hour to help the helpless. The poor will not be able to bear the high expenses of heart surgery and other medical procedures. The services provided by AIMS Hospital are exemplary in this field. During the past 14 years, AIMS has provided impeccable service to society, earning the trust of the people. Here we can see a group of people who are willing to cheerfully offer service to the needy. Amma’s method for service is an example for the entire world. She not only encourages people but is providing a role model for society in the fields of health, education and disaster relief. In all these areas its services are commendable.

MAM announces charitable projects of the value of Rs 25 crores

The 59th birthday of world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, will be celebrated on September 27, 2012 at Amritapuri, Kollam in Kerala. As has always been the practice, the occasion will see the launching of several new charitable initiatives of the MAM, as also the extension of some of the existing charitable programmes. The total cost of these programmes this year is estimated to be Rs. 25 crores. These programmes include:


1) 200 Free heart surgeries & 50 free kidney transplants:
200 free heart surgeries and 50 free kidney transplants will be available at Amrita Hospital in Kochi for poor patients across the country. People living below the poverty line will be given priority. The families availing free kidney transplants will have to find the organ donors themselves.

Since Amrita Hospital’s inauguration in 1998, MAM has provided crores worth of charitable care to 27.8 lakh poor people hailing from various States.

2)500 Free houses for the homeless:
500 free homes for the homeless constructed for the poor throughout Kerala. Amrita Kuteeram, free homes for the homeless, began in 1998. Since then, MAM has constructed more than 45,000 houses for the poor which includes more than 6,200 houses for the Tsunami victims (2004). (Ninety-six more houses were built in Sri Lanka by another organization of Amma’s devotees.) In addition to Kerala, MAM has built Amrita Kuteeram houses in more than 75 locations in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Pondicherry, Karnataka, Andaman-Nicobar Island and Tamil Nadu. Most recently, MAM completed 1,000 homes in Raichur for the victims of the 2009 Karnataka floods.

3) Financial aid to families who lost someone or had someone seriously injured by explosions in Kannur & Sivakasi:
MAM will provide Rs. 1 lakh to families who lost someone in either the LPG-tanker explosion in Kannur, Kerala or the fireworks-factory explosion at Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. A sum of Rs. 50,000 will be provided to families who have someone seriously injured in the explosions as well.

4) Extending the reach of the Amrita Nidhi pension programme:
MAM will extend the reach of its all- India Amrita Nidhi programme which has been providing lifetime pensions to widows and mentally and physically challenged individuals since 1998 by bringing in an additional 3,000 recipients. This will increase the reach of the programme from 55,000 to 58,000 beneficiaries. The Amrita Nidhi programme is active in majority of states throughout India.

5)Extending the reach of the Vidyamritam scholarship programme:
MAM will also extend the reach of its Vidyamritam scholarships-for-the-poor programme to cover an additional 3,000 students, taking its total of beneficiaries from 37,000 to 40,000 across the country. The intention of this initiative started in 2007 in response to the farmer suicide epidemic, was to help lay a stronger economic foundation for impoverished agricultural families. Beneficiaries come from the states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. Many of them are children who have lost one or both parents to suicide. The children (ages 10 to 15) receive a monthly stipend until they finish their education. Vidyamritam is a permanent humanitarian programme of MAM, with new students taking over the scholarships of graduates.

MAM is globally recognized as an International NGO that has been conferred with ‘Special Consultative Status’ by the United Nations. All of its charitable programmes are equally open to people of all castes, creeds and religions.

Amrita Santvanam: a project to train home nurses

27 Sep 2011, Amritapuri

Amrita Santvanam, a project to train 10,000 women to be home nurses where MAM will provide the six-month training through Amrita network of medical institutions. Aside from training, room-and-board as well as a stipend will be provided to each trainee.

Inaugurating the program during Amma’s 58th Birthday celebration, His Excellency K.Sankaranarayanan, the Governor of Maharashtra said “Amma has now become a mother for the world as a whole. People from various parts of the globe have come for Amma’s blessings. It is difficult to conceive of any human being who has the capacity to love millions of people, except Amma. No one in the world has launched a project like Amrita Santvanam, to create a cadre of 10,000 home nurses for providing care to the old and sick who are left alone by their children.”

One of the distressing health trends that has emerged in the country is an increase in the number of aged people who are sick and disabled, but have nobody within the family to take care of them at home. This alarming social phenomenon has prompted MAM to launch a pioneering initiative to create a cadre of 10,000 home nurses in Kerala of which 1000
persons will undergo professional training immediately.

IAM meditation lowers stress hormones

1 February 2011 , Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi

IAM—Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique lowers stress hormones, according to a study recently published in the 2011 volume of the international journal Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM), published by the Hindawi Publishing Corporation. The five-year study, titled “The Effect of Meditation on Psycho-Physiological Variables,” examines the effect of IAM Technique on various psychological, physiological and biochemical parameters.


According to the study, practitioners of IAM Technique experience a reduction in stress-hormone adrenaline within 48 hours of beginning the practice. This reduction was shown to sustain in IAM Technique practitioners throughout the eight-month monitoring period accounted for by the study. The study also showed a decline in stress-hormone cortisol following eight months of practice. Other physiological results documented by the study include a significant decrease in the heart and respiratory rate of practitioners, as well as significant increase in IgA levels, which are associated with immunological benefits. Through the study’s psychological-evaluation component, a major change was also recorded in the attitude of practitioners towards ‘stressful events.’ This study was conducted by Ms. Vandana Balakrishnan (research scholar), under the guidance of Dr. Harish Kumar, Head of the Department of Endocrinology; Prof. L. Saraswathy (HOD); and Prof. G.K. Suseeladevi of the Department of Physiology, at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) in Cochin. Prof. K.R. Sundaram, HOD, Department of Biostatistics at AIMS, provided the statistical support. The results of the study have given rise to further research, including a study on the effect of IAM Technique on relieving stress amongst cancer patients undergoing treatment, as well as the impact of the technique in relieving hypertension.

IAM Technique is taught free of charge throughout the world by representatives of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math (MAM), the non-governmental organization of renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma). It comprises a combination of yogic postures, breathing practices and mental-concentration exercises. MAM has been teaching the technique to the public since 2003. In 2008, at the request of the Indian government, MAM began teaching IAM Technique on a widespread scale to India’s military and paramilitary soldiers. The technique is also being taught in schools and colleges throughout India, as well as to employees of businesses corporations, including Infosys, BSNL and IIM.

Amrita Kripa Sagar – Recognition comes knocking

01 December 2010

Within seven years, what started as a hospice for HIV positive and AIDS patients, came to be recognized as “the best community care centre in Kerala, for the year 2010.” The award, by Kerala State AIDS Control Society (KSACS) consists of a trophy and citation.

Amma says ‘Love can cure diseases, heal wounded hearts and transform human minds…” Amrita Kripa Sagar, born out of Amma’s infinite love, was started by MAM in September 2003, and administered with round the clock love and compassion by Amma’s team of dedicated disciples.

The holistic approach, apart from basic medical support, provides psychological support and spiritual services. Most importantly, they who might later be ostracized by society and turned to streets by their families are taught skills to earn their own livelihood. So, identity of the inmates is kept confidential at all times.

The services further extend even to the families of the hapless HIV victims, in terms of scholarships, provisions etc.

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery at Amrita Hospital from January

Kochi, 10 Nov 2010

Minimally invasive method, the most modern technique in cardiac surgery will become fully operational at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences by January next Year.

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery has a lot of advantages over conventional heart surgeries. While conventional surgery demands a twenty centi meter long incision cutting the sternum, minimally invasive method needs only seven centi meter incision, and that too on the side of the chest, in between the ribs. Patients post surgery convalescence needs only four-five weeks against the conventional rest period of almost four months.

Minimally invasive method can be used for all types of cardiac surgery.

Amrita Hospital showcased in Kuwait

9-10 October 2010, Kuwait
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), one of the leading health care institutions in India, showcased various facilities in the field of health services with their active participation at the 1st International Conference and Fair for distinctive hospitals took place in Kuwait last week end.

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences is a major presence internationally and receives patients from around the world including several countries from the Middle East. “We have a dedicated team that manages our international patients starting with the processing of their medical reports, organizing travel, managing their stay in the hospital and return back home,” said Mr Unnithan, General Manager, Marketing of AIMS.

“We had already held a few discussions with Mubarak Al Kabeer of the Medical College here in Kuwait for student exchange and faculty exchange programs with us and to explore other possibilities to utilize our strong academic expertise,” he added.

AIMS also organized a seminar on the side line of the Kuwait Medical Tourism Conference & Exhibition organized with official sponsorship from the Ministries of Health, Defense and Interior, Kuwait Oil Company and Kuwait Medical Association.

The Indian Ambassador to Kuwait, Ajai Malhotra, inaugurated the seminar in which he appreciated the steps taken by Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences to come forward with a medical collaboration with the state of Kuwait and to participate in the first ever International Medical Conference and Exhibition in Kuwait.
For promoting medical tourism, Mr Ajai Malhotra said that the Indian embassy will arrange a new type of visa called Medical Visa for foreigners in which the patient and a family member can stay in India for medical treatment for up to one year.

Amrita clinic in Sivakasi

29 Aug 2010, Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu
Amrita Clinic, a free medical dispensary was started functioning at the Anbu Illam premises in Sivakasi. Sri KKSR Ramachandran, Minister of Tamil Nadu, inaugurated the clinic in the presence of Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri. A lot of local villagers will be benefited from clinic.


Telemedicine to Andamans

March 25th 2009 marked the beginning of the telemedicine connectivity between Amrita health care center at Shadipur Port Blair, Andamans and Amrita Institute of Medical Science, Kochi. Thousands of people were benefited with this initiative.

Live tele consultation with Amrita Health Care, Andaman. Dcotors from AIMS in the inset

Dr Chithra, Dept of Psychiatry

Dr Joel, Dept of Dermatology

Dr B Pradeep, Dept of General Surgery

Dr Rajesh, Dept of Pulmonary

Dr Vijayamohan, Dept of Orthopaedics

Patients needing specialized care located at Andamans were provided with treatment advice, second opinion, follow-up care etc with the help of this telemedicine facility. Within a year approximately 3000 patients –more than 8 patients a day– tele-consultations to Amrita health center at Andamans were provided from AIMS.

This service has helped in preventing unnecessary patient referrals to distant hospitals located at the mainland thus avoiding huge travel cost for patients. This initiative has brought out better health outcome for patients and also helped in attaining higher level of confidence in the community’s local  health care system.