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Swimming and the Dosa festival with Amma

(19 May '13)

14 May 2013, Amritapuri These were the last two days before Amma’s Japan-America yatra. Amma came yesterday for Tuesday satsang and mentioned that she would come to the swimming pool in the evening, feed everyone Masala Dosas and mangoes. Blissfully beautiful Later that evening, as promised, Amma came to the pool soon after the bhajans. […]

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Swimming beyond

(20 May '12)

18 May 2012, Amritapuri A few days ago, Amma had indicated that she would stay with her children at the swimming pool. The Darshan on Thursday finished late at 6:30 am after Amma having sat 21 hours, on Friday. So few assumed Amma would come to the pool. But just after Bhajans, around 8:30 pm, […]

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Bhagavad Gita on wheelchair

(20 May '12)

06 May 2012, Amritapuri Students of a differently-abled school came to Amritapuri and performed “Bhagavad Gita on wheelchair”. The students enacted the scene of Bhagavad Gita from Mahabharata. As the male participants whirled around by rolling the chairs, the girls with hearing disabilities danced to the tune, adding beautiful touch to the scene. Some of […]

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Ashram pictures from January

(3 May '12)

Some photos of Amritapuri Ashram, Amma, Ashram life and surroundings from the month of January 2012.

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Drenched in Love, filled with laughter

(17 Mar '12)

16 Mar 2012, Amritapuri It was a nice sunny day at Amritapuri and everyone was waiting on the beach for Amma to come for the usual meditation and Q&A session that is always held on Monday and Friday evenings. A little after 5pm Amma arrived on the beach and shortly after that the meditation started. […]

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Brick-moving with Amma is heart-moving

(19 Feb '12)

17 Feb 2012, Amritapuri I was wrong! “She doesn’t do it anymore,” I had said. Not long ago, I was telling a newcomer to the ashram how it used to be ‘in the old days‘: “Amma used to come out at night and help with whatever work there was to be done–carrying bags of sand […]

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Amma playing with Lakshmi

(8 Sep '11)

The elephant Lakshmi was waiting by Amma’s house after bhajans to be fed and played with by Amma. When Amma was about to come around the corner Lakshmi felt it and began trumpeting in excitement. In the meantime a lot of ashram residents & visitors where gathered as well to enjoy the rare occasion and […]

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