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MA Centre, Germany receives UN Award

(21 Mar '10)

On 17 March, 2010, Cologne, Germany The National Committee of the UN-Decade “Education for Sustainable Development” awarded M.A. Center Germany as an official UNESCO Decade Project. The award is given to institutions and communities that provide a positive example to the local community by operating according to the principles of sustainable living. M.A.Center Germany received […]

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Japanese students help Raichur housing project

(20 Mar '10)

10 March 2010, Raichur, Karnataka Sixty students from Japan’s IVUSA (International Volunteer University Student Association)   came from Tokyo to join Amma’s house construction project at Raichur in Karnataka. They stayed for more than a week and started spending their days in hot sun helping the construction of the houses. Temperature touched above 42 degrees and […]

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Amma in Bodh Gaya

(19 Mar '10)

17 March, Bodh Gaya, Bihar – Bharata Yatra 2010 On her way from Delhi to Durgapur, Amma and the travelling group stopped for an overnight rest at Bodh Gaya, the holy place where  Buddha attained enlightenment. Amma stayed at the  Mahabodhi Society of India  monastery. She was hosted by the monks of the monastery to […]

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Bringing Ammas message to South America

(18 Mar '10)

March 2010- South America On March 4th Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri arrived in South America to begin a three nation tour.  Swami’s tour began in Caracas, Venezuela at the northern extreme of the continent.  The programs there were held in the UNESCO headquarters in Caracas, the ‘Monumento de la Paz’ or ‘Monument of Peace,’ a very […]

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A Vasanth in Vasanth Kunj

(14 Mar '10)

10 -11 March, Vasanth Kunj, New Delhi — Bharata Yatra 2010 The second half of Amma’s Delhi programs were held at the beautiful Ashram venue in Vasant Kunj. With the Bramasthanam Temple at the venue and the beautiful natural surroundings close by, the atmosphere itself seemed spiritually vibrant. The majestic birds of Lord Subrahmanian, peacocks, […]

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A colorful flowerful Holi

(14 Mar '10)

7 March, Jaipur– Bharata Yatra 2010 With Amma, celebration of colors is a daily event and every day is a holi. It is up to us to make the best of this daily celebration. That was exactly what happened at Jaipur. The house where Amma stayed  became a place for Holi  celebration. When Amma was […]

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AYUDH Minnesota serves poor

(14 Mar '10)

14 March 2010 On Sunday, March 14th 2010, AYUDH Minnesota members gathered at the RMHC for the fifth service activity. We prepared a full course Indian meal and served it to 100 of the House’s inmates. The RMHC houses poor people from various countries who come to the USA for surgeries, treatment of disabilities, etc. […]

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