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Amma inspires Nagapattinam

(14 Feb '05)

14 February 2005 — Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu Amma visited several tsunami-hit areas in Nagapattinam on the 13th and 14th. There were no formal programmes. Nothing had been arranged by the Ashram, but by the time Amma arrived in the village of Nagore, there were many posters and banners welcoming her. When Amma arrived the place […]

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When Amma adopts a village

(13 Feb '05)

13 February 2005 — Samanthampettai, Nagore Village, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu When a child is hurt sometimes he doesn’t cry… until he sees his mother. However many tears the men and women of Samanthampettai had been holding back, they all seemed to come to the surface this week when their Amma came to check on […]

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Just your blessings…

(13 Feb '05)

13 February 2005 — Lechakkupam, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu Amma had been visiting tsunami relief camps from the morning itself. Many a times those with Her had tried to get Her to cut short Her programme in some way, but Amma was not open to suggestions—She just said, “You don’t understand their sorrow.” The programme […]

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Amma to visit Nagapattinam & Sri Lanka

(13 Feb '05)

Upon the invitation of the villagers, Amma will be visiting Nagapattinam and Karaikkal in Tamil Nadu which suffered the brunt of the recent tsunami, on the 13th and the 14th of February 2005. Amma will be leaving for Sri Lanka on the 16th February and will initiate the ashram’s long term rehabilitation projects there, after […]

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The Wisdom of Tsunami

(12 Feb '05)

12 February 2005 — Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, en route from Bangalore to Nagapattinam “My house, my life, my belongings, my children—all disappeared in the blink of an eye,” Amma said. She was talking to Her disciples and devotees about the tsunami during a stop in Dharmapuri. Amma was going to the Nagapattinam district to give […]

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I am like a free-flowing river

(12 Feb '05)

“I look only at the hearts of my children. I am unconcerned about the social status or wealth of those who come to me. A mother never discriminates between her children in that way. Whenever a grief-stricken person comes to me, I feel compassion towards them. I feel their sorrow and suffering as my own. […]

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On the banks of river Kaveri

(8 Feb '05)

8 February 2005 , en routeto Bangalore, Karnataka On the way from Mysore to Bangalore, Amma decided to treat Her children to one more unforgettable moment. In the historic region of Srirangapattanam runs the sacred river Kaveri. It is a place that has been blessed by Amma’s presence many times in the past, yet every […]

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