Amma in Bangalore

2005, Bangalore

Anticipation was in the air as the people of Bangalore were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their beloved Amma. On the dais was the honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri. Dharam Singh as well as the ex-Prime Minister of India Shri. Deva Gauda. The atmosphere was charged with excitement when the sound of the gong finally announced Amma’s arrival.In Her usual graceful way She brushed past eager devotees like a passing fragrance in the wind.

At the very beginning Amma requested the audience to stand up and pray for the tsunami victims. There was a feeling of unity in the hall as everybody poured out their heartfelt prayers. Both Mr. Singh and Mr. Deva Gauda gave speeches in which they lauded Amma and Her mission of love and compassion after which followed the inauguration of Amrita Sadana, Amma’s new old age care-home situated next to the ashram.

Once again a concrete expression of Amma’s divine grace, this time benefiting the elder portion of society.She is truly dedicated to uplifting all of society. No section is barred from Her embrace – an embrace that brings solace, spiritual uplifting and above all a sense of security that comes from the realization that God lives among us and that there is someone we can always trust and to whom we can unconditionally surrender to. What more can one want in life?

– Tulasi