Busy in the service of Her children

6 February 2005, On the road to Mysore.

Amma had come to the programme site in Kalpetta on the evening of the 4th at about 6:30 p.m. Now She was leaving for Mysore immediately after the programme at 10:30 a.m. on the morning of the 5th. On Her way, Amma visited a few houses and, by the time She left Kalpetta, it was around 12:30 p.m.

Amma was a state guest in Karnataka, so Amma’s camper was accompanied by a couple of police cars at all times. Throughout the journey, whenever the Ashram vehicles stopped—or even when they just slowed down—there were people who seemed to figure out that it was Amma’s entourage, and they would wave excitedly or call out.

At the Kerala-Karnataka border, even the check-post guards ran out to Amma’s vehicle hoping to get a glimpse of Her. One might think that Amma would be tired and would want to rest after meeting people all night long, hugging them, consoling them—but one would be wrong, for Amma stopped about 40 kilometres before Mysore and sang a few new bhajans in Kannada. She sang with zest and even humour, as She familiarised Herself with the unfamiliar words.

It was the first time Amma had stopped at this particular location—just by the side of the highway. Regardless, soon there were many people eagerly waiting for Amma’s darshan. Almost none of them had met Amma before. Amongst them were three tehsildars [top administrative officers in an administrative block called a tehsil], an assistant commissioner, and some others who had been waiting for Amma’s arrival for a couple of hours. He had a garland with him. Adorning Amma with the garland, he said, “I am happy to welcome You on behalf of the people of Nanjankode Village. Amma, Please bless us.”

Amma reached Mysore at 7:00 p.m., to be greeted by teeming masses of devotees. Amma still had had not had a moment’s rest since darshan started in Kalpetta—more than 24 hours before. But still She seemed reluctant to leave the presence of Her Mysore children, who had been waiting hours for Her arrival. Their love seemed to hold Her.

Eventually, Amma had an announcement made, explaining that She had to practice new bhajans in Kannada and had to brief the brahmacharini who would be translating Her satsang into the local language the next day. She asked the devotees if it would be okay if She were to bless some prasad and give it for distribution. The devotees joyously agreed. They had been waiting two years for Amma’s darshan, and now they were only too willing to wait a few more hours, happy to have been able to see Amma.

Soon after Amma reluctantly left the throng of devotees, one could hear the strains of new Kannada bhajans coming from Her room. Amma was resting in the only way She knows how—busy in the service of Her children.