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Christmas Eve

(24 Dec '03)

24 Dec 2003, Amritapuri Amma has said, “The Lord comes not once a year, but every moment. This Christmas Eve saw Amma, as in every moment, immersed in the spirit of giving … darshan. While She was doing so, some devotees began decorating a tree that lives in the garden in front of Amma’s house. […]

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Heaven on Earth

(23 Dec '03)

25 December 2003,Amritapuri It was after midnight on the morning of 21 December as seven busloads of Amma’s weary children returned to Amritapuri from the Kozhikode tour. One of the first things to greet everyone as they entered the ashram’s back gate was a humble manger scene near the western canteen. The sight offered our […]

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Kozhikode is Amma’s Brindavan

(22 Dec '03)

20 December 2003, Kozhikode, Kerala Like a mini-Amritavarsham50, the crowds, as many anticipated, were indeed the biggest today, turning out in full force for Amma’s final Kozhikode darshan programme. Over 12,000 men’s darshan tokens were distributed for the evening programme alone, and over 18,000 were given for the women, with lines winding all the way […]

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Kozhikode Chronicles

(19 Dec '03)

19 December 2003, Kozhikode Over the past three days the atmosphere at the Kozhikode ashram has become as if super-charged. The five daily archanas, the special pujas in the brahmasthanam temple and the general devotional enthusiasm of the crowds has generated a palpable spiritual energy. This day saw the biggest crowd so far for this […]

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The Wealth of the Poor

(18 Dec '03)

18 December 2003,Kozhikode,Kerala Many of the devotees in Kozhikode are very simple people. Rural villagers and tribal people come for Amma’s darshan, saving what little money they have just to travel here. Kozhikode is yet another example of how Amma is touching the lowest substratum of society with Her infinite compassion and all-embracing Love, raising […]

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Amma’s Brindavan

(17 Dec '03)

15 December 2003,Amritapuri A lone butterfly danced happily on Her garland as Amma stood gazing at Her children in all Her divine magnificence. Thus the first Devi Bhava in Amritapuri since early September came to a close this morning at 11:30 am. Yesterday morning Amma began giving darshan at 9:45 am, and stayed until 2:15 […]

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Lakshmi arrives in Amritapuri

(11 Dec '03)

11 December, 2003 Amritapuri A large crowd gathered in front of the temple this morning, as Amma welcomed Her newest resident into Amritapuri. New ashram residents don’t usually cause such a stir, but this is a special case. Her name is Lakshmi – the elephant. It was just after 11 a.m. and everyone was on or […]

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