The Wealth of the Poor

18 December 2003, Kozhikode, Kerala

Many of the devotees in Kozhikode are very simple people. Rural villagers and tribal people come for Amma’s darshan, saving what little money they have just to travel here.

Devotees in Kozhikode

Kozhikode is yet another example of how Amma is touching the lowest substratum of society with Her infinite compassion and all-embracing Love, raising them up, reminding them of their inherent dignity and worth. In so doing, Amma is revitalizing India from its very foundation, since the poorest of any country tend also to be that country’s backbone, performing all of the laborious jobs that others can afford to pay them to do.

With Her inspiring and practical satsangs on spiritual truths and practices, and through Her elevating and otherworldly bhajans, Amma is teaching the highest spiritual wisdom to everyone, regardless of education or economic status, in the simplest and most effective manner ” through Her flawless and enchanting example.

This is not to say that all of the devotees in Kozhikode are underprivileged. As always, one finds a mixture: average middle-class families, students and young professionals, as well as the wealthy and VIP’s such as high government officials or prominent business people. All come for Amma’s blessings. As a consequence, Amma is reaching all points along the social spectrum, and the goodwill of those devotees with more material means insures that through time and the growth of compassion and generosity, a true social equilibrium can be met. The seeds of love and dharma that Amma is planting in everyone’s hearts will eventually flower and restore true balance to society.

Thus, at all of Amma’s darshan programs one finds the wealthiest waiting shoulder to shoulder in line with the poorest. All are equal in Amma’s eyes, and the shared expression of love and longing on everyone’s faces for their cherished turn in Amma’s arms even makes Amma’s children resemble one another in a certain subtle way … just like true brothers and sisters.

Witnessing all of this, one cannot but be humbled both by Amma’s dedication to the spiritual growth of Her children everywhere and all walks of life, and in turn by Her children’s simple faith and willingness to grow. It’s further proof that to mature spiritually, one doesn’t necessarily need to become well versed in high philosophy or engage in rigorous austerities. One need only expand the heart and love with a selfless innocence. When this is done, all true spiritual wealth is showered upon the devotee.

As Amma Herself has instructed, “Purify your heart. See God in all things and love all beings. You don’t have to do anything else; you will be given everything you need.

Whatever their material standing, the blessed devotees of Kozhikode are spiritually among the richest.