Kozhikode Chronicles

19 December 2003, Kozhikode

Over the past three days the atmosphere at the Kozhikode ashram has become as if super-charged. The five daily archanas, the special pujas in the brahmasthanam temple and the general devotional enthusiasm of the crowds has generated a palpable spiritual energy. This day saw the biggest crowd so far for this program. New shelter had to be erected adjacent to the already huge darshan hall, which was specially constructed for the programs. It’s expected that tomorrow, the final darshan program, will see even larger crowds.

Among the masses are to be found devotees form all age groups, all of whom form an integral part of the ashram community. Most are here serving Amma in some capacity. Some shared a few of their personal experiences with Amma:

DevakiAmma from Kalurti,Vegetable-peeling seva
I’ve been seeing Amma for over 20 years. The first time was in a house here in Kozhikode. I didn’t have any special experience the first time, but I had a deep desire to keep seeing Amma as much as possible. I simply want to serve Amma. I receive medication through Amma’s ashram, and so I also want to give something to Amma.

Rema Rajkumar – 58, Prasad-packing seva
I met Amma 11 years ago, at the first Kozhikode Brahmasthanam Festival. After that first darshan I had many dreams of Amma that always made me long to see Her more. I’m serving because it’s Amma’s upadesh (teaching). I’m willing to serve in any way. We come and serve because Amma Herself comes to us in Kozhikode. It’s a supernatural power Amma has. Amma has the power to heal everything. Amma was born to heal everything, to solve all the world’s problems. So we come to see Amma. With Amma, there is no difference between India and America or Europe, or any other country. Amma is the same everywhere. We’re all Her children; we’re all one.

Velayudhan Nair, Matruvani Subscription Seva
I met Amma in 1999, in Vallickavu. My sister, who lives here in Kozhikode, was a devotee, and she began telling me about Amma’s boundless love and compassion. So I went to see Her, and have been going to see Her regularly ever since. I received mantra from Amma that first day, without even asking for one. Amma just gave it to me. After that I stopped all my bad habits, like coffee and tea. Before meeting Amma, I only had then concept of visiting temples. But, after seeing Amma the first time, I realized that Amma was the real God. I had so many sorrows, but Amma healed them all.

Once while having darshan, I told Amma that I have been suffering from a heart illness. Amma told me to go at once to AIMS for a check up. The doctors there found that my condition had become very bad, and recommended immediate heart surgery. Now I have a pacemaker in my chest. Amma saved my life.When I saw Amma next, She asked me how my health was. I told Her that I was better, and that I wanted to do seva at AIMS. Amma told me to work in the juice stall.

Amma is everything Guru, Mother, Devi. She’s the Universal Mother. In the future I want to live in Amritapuri.

Amrita Vidyalayam students Reshma, age 15; Kavya, 16; Nandini, 16; Labeeba, 16; and Sowparnika, 16, also shared their experiences.

Sowparnika: Today was my first darshan, just a few minutes ago. Before meeting Amma, I didn’t really believe in all these things, but after Amma’s darshan, I feel different. Something changed inside me. I feel very happy!

Nandini: I first met Amma when I was in the 6th standard, but it wasn’t until my 8th std. that I really began to feel Amma’s greatness. Once we (the students) went to Vallickavu. It was a Devi Bhava day, but we had to leave early.

Reshma: We told Amma that we were sad to not get to stay for Amma’s Bhava darshan, and Amma said that She too was sad that we were leaving. So, Amma grabbed a handful of chocolate kisses and gave them to us! But then during Amritavarsham50 , we all got to sit near Amma. So we were happy!

Kavya: We like going to Amma’s Amrita Vidyalayam. It’s not like other schools. Not just the education, but also the culture and the atmosphere, the faculty and the students – it’s all much better.

Labeeba: We’re so lucky to have so much contact with Amma.

Amma hugged almost 20,000 people tonight, giving darshan until 6 am … but Amma’s day wasn’t over yet. Many important matters still required Her personal supervision, and it was 8:30 am before She was able to finally get some rest. However, it was brief respite. Amma was back again in the hall by 11 am, as mysteriously fresh as ever, for morning bhajans, satsang and darshan. Just like the day before, She stayed until almost 5 pm, and returned yet again less than two hours later, to sing bhajans, give satsang and receive Her children into Her arms throughout the night, and into the next day …

Displaying such tireless dedication to Her children, Amma has won the hearts of millions, and inspired them to cultivate a dedication to selfless service in their own lives. How can this but bring a significant transformation to the world?