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Darshan isn’t really over

(29 Jun '01)

SantaFe,29 june2001 Darshan may seem to be over when Mother stands up from Her chair. But it isn’t, exactly. Most night darshan programs end with Her calling all those who haven’t come to Her lap that day to stand close as She walks out of the hall-so that She can hand each a chocolate Kiss, […]

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Smelling rose to quit smoking

(26 Jun '01)

June,Los Angeles Have you tried and failed to stop smoking? Try this: when you think of having a smoke, smell a lovely fresh rose. A few days ago in Los Angeles, one of Mother’s sons came for darshan with a lovely fresh scent on his breath. But Amma was not fooled: “Have you been smoking?” […]

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Dancing with God

(23 Jun '01)

Saturday, June 23, Los Angeles Where God dances there the lovers of God will be. An Incarnation is the Divine Itself. And so when Mother dances, the Divine dances, and we dance with Her. This dancing tends to happen if the morning darshan program on the second day, a retreat, ends early enough. Suddenly the […]

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Get ready for surprise!

(23 Jun '01)

Amma’s Retreats Saturday, June 23, Los Angeles Looking at the schedules published for Amma’s retreats, you might mistakenly think they are all alike. They are not. On the first evening, many people are seeing Amma for the first time this tour and their longings of previous months are being fulfilled. There are even some who […]

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From LA

(21 Jun '01)

LA , 21 June, 2001 Big Kiss in LA A little fellow and his mother brought Mother a giant pink foil wrapped Hershey’s Kiss, almost bigger than the boy himself! Mother delighted all watchers when She suddenly raised the Kiss and set it on Her own Head-it was so big it “sheltered” the child as […]

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Amma: Beyond caste

(20 Jun '01)

San Ramon, 20 June 2001 At the end of the first Devi Bhava in San Ramon, Mother helped a young boy take a big step towards manhood when She initiated him into the Gayatri mantra and placed over his shoulder the Sacred Thread. This ceremony is often done by a boy’s father, or a priest; […]

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Let them feed each other

(14 Jun '01)

San Ramon, 14 June 2001 Near the end of Wednesday night’s darshan program—say, 2:30 in the morning — a dignified looking gentleman came for darshan, spoke a little with Amma, and left. Suddenly She was gesturing and calling him back. It seems he is affiliated with AIMS, and was heading home soon. Could She pass […]

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