But who hugs Amma?

Friday, 7 June

A reporter from the local CBS TV station has come to cover the story of “the Hugging Saint”. After asking Amma to talk a little about Her childhood, and to explain why She hugs everyone, the reporter asked Her: “But Amma, who hugs YOU?”

She laughed delightedly, and then answered: “The whole of Creation hugs me.”

That said, the interview was over. The reporter handed his microphone to someone nearby and went for Mother’s darshan himself. Opening Her arms and laughing She drew him close, hugged him, whispered into his ear, and gave him prasad.

Looking just a tad dazed, the reporter stood up, turned, began to walk away—and the devotees in the hall burst into applause. Surprised, he turned to them and said, “I hope it does us all some good!”