Let them feed each other

San Ramon, 14 June 2001


Near the end of Wednesday night’s darshan program—say, 2:30 in the morning — a dignified looking gentleman came for darshan, spoke a little with Amma, and left. Suddenly She was gesturing and calling him back. It seems he is affiliated with AIMS, and was heading home soon. Could She pass up a chance to send tiny tokens of Her love to Her children at home? Never!

She handed him a full bag of Hershey’s Kisses—the kind of sweet She hands to each person who comes for Her darshan here in America. He lifted it respectfully to his forehead and began again to step away. “Wait!” She reached down beside Her chair for another bag…and another…and another…Someone nearby was doing the math to calculate how many bags of chocolates She would need to send to be sure that all 1600 of Her Amritapuri children received a piece.


Soon he stood beside her holding a stack of bags that stretched from his waist almost to his chin!

“Tell them to let one person feed the other person, thinking that it’s Amma feeding them,” She directed.

Tokens of love, and teachings as well.