Around Amma Around Amma 2001

Darshan isn’t really over

Santa Fe, 29 June 2001

Darshan may seem to be over when Mother stands up from Her chair. But it isn’t, exactly.

Most night darshan programs end with Her calling all those who haven’t come to Her lap that day to stand close as She walks out of the hall-so that She can hand each a chocolate Kiss, Her prasad.

At the same time, passing between the rows of people, She will be reaching out to give an extra kiss to this woman, or pinch that man’s cheek, or give a baby a quick cuddle. Then, at the door, someone will have Her shoes ready for Her to step into-the shoe holder gets a good long hug, and everyone nearby basks in Mother’s smiles as She gazes around.

Finally, making Her way to the open car door, She will climb into the back seat, maybe saying yes when some child calls out, “Amma! Can I ride with You?” The car will begin to inch away from the curb, but look! There is a line of people ready for one more darshan: Mother’s window will probably roll down, and Her Hand will reach out, and one by one the people lining the car’s route will reach out and gently touch Her finger tips.