Around Amma Around Amma 2001

Dancing with God

Saturday, June 23, Los Angeles

Amma dancing

Where God dances there the lovers of God will be. An Incarnation is the Divine Itself. And so when Mother dances, the Divine dances, and we dance with Her.

This dancing tends to happen if the morning darshan program on the second day, a retreat, ends early enough. Suddenly the hall staff starts moving chairs and cushions and backpacks, and the word spreads: Mother is going to dance!

After the last hug, She stands, holding the cymbals that She will play while She dances. She tells the children to dance in place, imagining that they are dancing with their beloved Deity. Her graceful Hands begin ringing the bells together; a couple of devotees holding tambourines nearby take up Her rhythm, and someone starts to sing.

Usually in the past She has sung “Ram, Ram, Sita Ram” but in Los Angeles a few days ago She danced to an exciting song – “Ti thi tara ti thi thai ti Thai taka tai tai tom. Tai tai tai tai tai tai tai tai tai ti Thai taka tai tom.”

Having danced in place for some time, Mother began to move gracefully to Her right, step-by-step moving near each of Her children in the circle. She dances with Her eyes closed, taking graceful, rhythmic steps as She marks the time with Her cymbals. With Her Eyes closed, this day She turned a bit early and ended up crossing across the middle of the circle and going straight into the people standing on the opposite side! She was gently guided back, still dancing, until, with the music at its peak, She again stood dancing in place, a smile of joy playing across Her Face.

And then suddenly She stopped, sat, meditated.