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Amma at the Millennium World Peace Summit

(29 Aug '00)

Amma at the Millennium World Peace Summit, United Nations, 29 August 2000

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Krishna’s birthday celebrations

(22 Aug '00)

22 August 2000, Amritapuri The festivities began at 6:30 in the morning with a special procession from the Main temple to a local seaside temple. A large number of ashramites, devotees and visitors took part in the procession, singing Krishna bhajans, clapping hands and dancing! The baby elephant ‘Ram’ was decorated to lead the procession, […]

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Fathers box

(17 Aug '00)

A father was approached by his grownup sons. “Father,” they said, “please divide your property amongst us. We will always look after you.” Heeding the words of his children, the father agreed and divided all his property amongst them. It was decided that he would live with his sons, staying with each for two months […]

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Legends of Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu

(9 Aug '00)

Sthala Puranas of Bharat Tiruchirapalli (“Trichy”) is home to some of the most legendary and ancient temples in India, as well as to some beautiful stories and history. Here are but a few: Sri Rangam Temple & Uchi Pillayar Temple Perhaps its most famous temple in the city is the Sri Ranganath Swami Temple. The […]

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Legends of Kovai, Tamil Nadu

(9 Aug '00)

Around an ancient temple dedicated to Koni Amman, the name of this goddess alone the city name “Kovai” evolve.

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Legends of Chennai

(9 Aug '00)

The city of the Peacock Sthala Puranas of Bharat One of the most famous temples in Chennai is the Kapaleswarar Temple1, located in an area that is today referred to as Mylapore. In fact, Mylapore is an Anglicized form of “Mayilapur,” which literally means “City of the Peacock.”2 In the Puranas, Lord Shiva is the […]

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Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

(9 Aug '00)

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu: May Peace & Happiness Prevail Amma has chosen some peace mantras for daily chanting by her devotees and disciples. One of those invocations is Om lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu. Although this mantra does not appear in any of the existent Veda sakhas [Vedic branches], it is an expression of the […]

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