Around Amma 2020 Satsang

Everything has its own place in this creation

Amma sees salt as salt and sugar as sugar, even though they look identical. Similarly, she accepted the residents who wanted to join the ashram just as they are.

Around Amma 2017 India 2017 Satsang

Be a Beginner with the Attitude of Gratitude

7 March, Bengaluru, Karnataka – Bharata Yatra 2017 It was a rainy night filled with lightning and thunder in Bengaluru. Amma, having just arrived from Mysore, was serving prasad to the tour group and all the local volunteers. She asked if anyone had a question. One devotee from the tour group raised his hand and […]

Around Amma Teachings

Onam: A Symbol of Happiness & Contentment

12 September 2008 — Amritapuri With the coming of Tiru Onam, thousands of people came to Amritapuri in order to celebrate. The bhajan hall was filled with smiling people dressed in new clothes. The feeling of celebration was in the air. Amma came to the dais to the sounds of panchavadyam around 11:00 am. After […]

Around Amma Yatra

They all had umbrellas

Tuesday, 4 May 2004 – Trissur, Kerala The famous Pooram grounds against the backdrop of the age old Shiva temple was where Amma’s Trissur programme was held this year. It is world famous for its elephant pageant, as part of the annual temple festival where deities of neighbouring temples, Lord Krishna and Devi are brought […]


Arati of Amma: lyricks, meaning and commentary

Ārati symbolizes surrender—the final relinquishment of the ego to God. Just as the camphor used in the ritual dissolves into nothingness, so too should the individual will merge in the divine will, so too should we make an offering of the only thing that is truly ours to give—the ego. Only when we give up […]