Everything has its own place in this creation

22 Jan, en route to Madurai, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2020 – from Amma’s Satsang

On the way to Madurai, the first stop of Amma’s 2020 Bharata Yatra, Amma stopped with the tour group at a temple, Iswaraberi, 35 km away from Madurai. Sitting under the shade of the trees, the group received a Prasad lunch from Amma. Over the meal, Amma explained that pulissery, a curry made of buttermilk and turmeric, is always served with lunch because it is good for the stomach and digestion.

While enjoying food for the body, the group also got some food for thought. Speaking on the occasion, explaining about acceptance, Amma said that she sees salt as salt and sugar as sugar, even though they look identical. Similarly, Amma said, she accepted the residents who wanted to join the ashram just as they are. Amma understands their nature, but she never has a problem to accept anyone. Amma pointed that the Ramayana only unfolded because of a Manthara and a Kaikeyi.* Because of the black spot, Amma explained, you become more aware of the whiteness of the board. Likewise, even a broken watch shows the correct time twice a day. In this way, Amma explained, everything has its own place in this creation. Amma believes that everything in this universe has a purpose or plan, either to teach us, or to correct us.

Before resuming the journey, Amma asked everyone to clap and laugh aloud, bringing out the joy from within.


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* Kaikeyi was Sri Rama’s stepmother, married to his father Dasaratha, Sri Rama’s father, and step mother. Manthara is her servant.