Action, Effort & Grace

What Factors Complete Our Life? 
Remembering God and surrendering to Divine is what makes life complete. We become receptive to divine grace through proper understanding and effort. If we want our actions to bear the desired result, three factors are needed:  1) Doing them at the proper time, 2) Self-effort, and 3) God’s grace.

For example, there is a specific time for planting rice-paddy seedlings, according to the rainy season. In olden times, the seasons were cyclic, so water came at the right time. But these days, due to man’s adharma, Nature has lost her rhythm. And because of intense rain during the harvest season, everything gets destroyed. Here, even though we put forth enough effort at the right time, we didn’t have the factor of grace. Due to man’s adharma, Nature has lost her rhythm.

Sometimes we plan to travel a long distance. So, we leave the house at 10 a.m. sharp. Even if we leave early, our car may get stuck in traffic and we may not reach the airport in time. Or, upon reaching the airport, we may learn that the plane’s engine is having some mechanical problem or that the weather is too bad to fly. So, the flight is cancelled. In this case, we put forth enough effort, but because we didn’t have the factor of grace, we could not make it to our destination.

While acting in this world, we should always have the attitude “I am an instrument in God’s hand, and He is guiding me.” With this attitude, we will never veer from the path of dharma.