Guru’s intention is to destroy the ego

Desires and expectations arise from the ego. A true Master never nourishes the ego. The Guru’s intention is to destroy the ego.

The true Guru-disciple relationship is the highest form of love and respect. The true master is everyone’s own, their only relation. At the same time, the Master cannot make anyone their own or establish authority over anyone.

All human beings have a strong tendency and desire to own and establish authority over anything they perceive as beautiful. This begins from childhood. Even as we get older and more mature, there is no real change in this behavior. Whenever we see something beautiful, we immediately think, “I want to make that mine and only mine. I want to enjoy it all by myself.”

These childish thoughts are always in our mind. Like this, a misconception is borne within, that “only by having control and authority over people and objects will I get love and happiness ”.

In reality, it is not in controlling people and having authority over external objects, but in controlling ourselves and establishing authority over our own mind that we attain everlasting happiness, joy and freedom.

This is why a Guru may not act according to the expectations and desires of the disciple. Desires and expectations arise from the ego. A true Master never nourishes the ego. The Guru’s intention is to destroy the ego. Through this, we become free of our mind and realize our true Self.

The experience of God is purely internal. No one can give it to us. It should awaken naturally. What we need are our own wholehearted permission and the grace of the Guru; not money.

Some people ask “Why do people make donations or monetary offerings to God?” Amma replies that, at present, the strongest bond in our mind is our attachment to wealth. Offering money to God symbolizes sacrificing that to which we are most attached. This will then be used to serve those in need, seeing them as images of God. This is surrender to God.

There are many people who run from place to place looking for Self Realization. We cannot call these people true lovers of God. Is it right to say that a married man or a married woman who has many lovers at the same time has more love? No. In fact, this is not even love. Our heart can have only one throne. In such relationships, there is no truth (sincerity) or faith. There is no love.

Such people are like monkeys jumping from one place to another. A normal monkey jumps from one branch to another. But, the monkey’s mind endlessly jumps from one place to another. The same is the case with those who knock on everyone’s door in search of God. People who run around like that have no commitment to or faith in anything. They only succeed in exhausting themselves by running around.