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  • A tribute to Sugunachan

    A documentary on Amma’s Father, Sugunachan, was produced and aired by Amrita TV as a tribute to his memory, after he passed away on 22nd March 2010. It is a 27-minute tribute which includes beautiful scenes of Achan with Amma and his wife Damayanti; as well as testimonials from swamis and his children. part 1/3…

  • Thank you Achan

    Thank you Achan

    “Prayers and gratitude for your incredible contribution to humanity… you gave us our precious Amma. For this, you will be remembered forever.”

  • Sugunachans body is cremated

    Sugunachans body is cremated

    Amma, who returned from Kolkata on Tuesday morning, was sitting by the side of the body along with her mother Damayanthi, sisters and brothers and sannyasins. Ashramites have been chanting the 8th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita repeatedly around the clock.

  • Amma’s father passed away

    Amma’s father passed away

    Sugunachan was like the pillar of the Ashram.  He loved the ashramites as if they were his own children and saw Amma as his Guru and God.

  • Stories of the old days

    Stories of the old days

    18 & 23 November 2004 — Amritapuri Achan’s Satsang to Ashram Residents As Amma often laments, the elderly are not valued in today’s world. In fact, they are most often pushed away as a nuisance. In truth, their wealth is in their years, the vast amount of knowledge they have acquired during their long lives—knowledge…