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  • Kovai Brahmasthanam Festival

    Kovai Brahmasthanam Festival

    9-10 Kovai Brahmasthanam festival, Tamil Nadu – 2015 Bharata Yatra

  • Amma in Chennai

    21 – 22 Jan, Bharata Yatra 2009, Chennai Photos of Chennai Brahmasthanam festival

  • Photos: Kovai Brahmasthanam festival

    15 -17 Jan, Bharata Yatra 2009, Enroute to Kovai & Brahmasthanam festival. Photos from  Amma’s visit to  Amrita University,  meditation, satsang & bhajans by the swimming pool,  Kovai Brahmasthanam festival and celebration photos.

  • Xmas celebration photos

    Christmas eve 2008, Amritapuri Photos of Xmas celebration with Amma at the ashram.

  • Karthika lamps

    11 Dec 2008, Amritapuri Today is Karthika. The path to the stage from Amma’s room was lit with oil lamps. Watch photos here.

  • Orissa flood relief

    13 Nov 2008, Bhuvaneswar, Orissa Orissa is one of these states in India which undergoes flooding in one part of the state or the other during the monsoons. The annual monsoon season though eagerly awaited, by the farmers of Orissa are also the bane of development or the cause of their sorrow as the river…

  • Amma in Toulon

    News Toulon, France – 17 Oct 2008 The 3-day program took place in Toulon, France in the large concert venue ‘Omega Zenith’ which is a national monument and like every year large number of people came to meet Amma and stood in line for hours to receive Her darshan. This year’s program in Toulon marked…

  • Sw. Ramakrishna visits Brazil and Chile

    26th September – 2nd October 2008 Brazil and Chile Swami Ramakrishnananda ended his tour of South America by visiting 5 cities between the two countries in less than a week’s time. Beginning in one of the biggest cities in the world, Swami held two programs in different parts of Sao Paolo. Both were well attended…

  • Vidyarambham at Amritapuri

    09 Oct 2008, Amritapuri Navaratri – the nine days of festival of Devi concluded today with Vidyarambham this morning of Vijayadasami. Swami Turiyamritananda and Swami Amrita Geetananda led the prayers during Vidyarambham. There were hundreds of people who came to initiate their children on to the world of alphabets. Swami Turiyamritananda initiated them, first writing…

  • Ammas Padapuja photos

    27 Sep 2008, Amritpauri At 9.00 a.m.  Amma reached the stage and padapuja was performed followed by Amma’s address.