Around Amma 2016

Amma’s visit to Amrita Watoto Boma

April 19, 2016, Nairobi, Kenya It was a very special day for the children of Amrita Watoto Boma, Amma’s day school in Athi River, Nairobi. It was a day they had been waiting for for a long time. 160 children, many of whom have been there since the school opened its doors, last saw Amma […]

Around Amma

Amma, ‘Mother of the Nation’ for the Masai

14 April 2009, Nairobi, Kenya During Amma’s programme in Kenya, members of the Masai Tribe presented Amma with the title of Elder of their tribe. As part of this process, they dressed Amma in the traditional regalia of their Elders. They also presented Amma with the following message: “Amma, the Title of the ‘Elder’ comes […]


AYUDH Kenya launched

AYUDH has stepped onto African soil. During his visit to the Republic of Kenya from February 5th to 13th, Br. Shubamrita, launched AYUDH Kenya. “On Saturdays we are bored. Just going out, coming home late and then wasting away our time in front of the TV did somehow not feel fulfilling anymore,” says Pareet, an […]

Community Out Reach Orphanage

Activities in Africa

Kanni Village, Machakos, Kenya Following Amma’s October 2003 trip to Nairobi, a group of devotees there have formed an Amrita Kutumbam [Amrita family] {news} and have started engaging in various selfless-service projects in Amma’s name. For the past year the group has been sponsoring the monthly feeding of 60 orphans at a Salvation Army orphanage […]


Africa receives IAM Meditation Technique®

October 2003, Nairobi Just a few days before Amma came to Kenya to present the Gandhi-King Award to Mr. Mwai Kabaki, the President of Kenya, Amma held a one-day public darshan program. Afterwards, Br. Shantamrita Chaitanya, one of Amma’s senior brahmacharis, conducted the IAM Technique® meditation course in Nairobi. Here are some responses from the […]