Amma, ‘Mother of the Nation’ for the Masai

14 April 2009, Nairobi, Kenya
During Amma’s programme in Kenya, members of the Masai Tribe presented Amma with the title of Elder of their tribe. As part of this process, they dressed Amma in the traditional regalia of their Elders.

They also presented Amma with the following message:

“Amma, the Title of the ‘Elder’ comes with a great responsibility. The elder is a mother to community and to Nation! The mother has to look after her children now, as an Elder of Masai. We want you to know that you have to take care of not only Masais but all Kenyans. All Kenyans now seek your guidance to a world of love, peace, harmony and happiness. We love you. Have a wonderful, memorable stay in Kenya.”
children with amma

The significance of the Elder’s attire follows here:

The attire and the Regalia of Elder consists of 5 items.  Each of these 5 items has a very special significance.

Blue skirt:
The Blue skirt the blue skirt, signifies a female Masai Elder. Only the female Elder wears a blue skirt.

White top:
Spiritual Leaders / Elders wear white top, white signifies purity, peace but most of all spirituality.

The ornaments consist of necklace, headgear and wrists or arm bracelets. Each ornament is decorated with a large number of very colourful beads.  The beads symbolize people of different origin, different beliefs, different faith, different religion. All brought together to make a unique, and colourful item to show unity and harmony.

Masai Milk Gourd:
Milk is a basic but most significant of all Masai foods.  The colour of milk – white once again — signifies purity and peace. We understand that no Masai ritual is complete without milk being part of it.

Leather Sandals:
This is to assist you to walk long distances and to take you wherever you need to go far and Wide. To spread your message of love, compassion, empathy and tolerance.