Africa receives IAM Meditation Technique®

October 2003, Nairobi
Just a few days before Amma came to Kenya to present the Gandhi-King Award to Mr. Mwai Kabaki, the President of Kenya, Amma held a one-day public darshan program. Afterwards, Br. Shantamrita Chaitanya, one of Amma’s senior brahmacharis, conducted the IAM Technique® meditation course in Nairobi. Here are some responses from the attendees:

“What a wonderful experience I had out of this meditation class!! I am sure this will change the course of my life and my perspective on living. I will definitely continue practicing this under the invisible guidance of AMMA.” – Savitri K.Krishnan

“The meditation technique was quite good and unique. This simple practice will help us progress with Amma’s grace. We seek your blessing Amma.” – Vijay Kumar Subramoniani

“I am extremely grateful to Amma for offering us this course and helping Her children to have a higher consciousness. The course has been extremely precise in its instructions and I have full faith that practiced with love and sincerity it will bring the results that Amma has intended them to have. The instructions have been well rooted in the course so that we do not have any problems going through them on our own. May this course reach everyone and help guide us to our true spiritual nature. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti”- Harish Rabadia

“Thank you Amma for this amazing gift. Thank you Amma for making me worthy of this gift. My personal outlook is that truly this technique will uplift society in however small/large a way depending upon my own effort. I have faith that by this technique, I will be able to cultivate peace in my personal life & strength and integrity on my worldly life. I wish to be a true lover of God by having compassion for others, understanding that devotion and selfless service are one, and seeing that it is one Pure Consciousness that pervades all. And in living a worthy life I wish to achieve moksha.” – Manfeet Kaur Kalsi

“The course was informative and interesting. The vibrations felt were good and we felt relaxed and peaceful. The illustrations used were good and the literature provided was sufficient. Swamiji’s relaxed and soothing method of instruction, clarification of doubts and answering questions raised by participants provided a peaceful and calm atmosphere. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful experience.” – Mrs. Vijay Kump

“I am really glad that I attended this course. I am very thankful to you for giving me this opportunity and I intend to practice meditation regularly.  Thank you” – Seshamni K.

“The programme was good and nice. I am happy and peaceful. It has changed my mind.” – Beatrice Imali

“Amma – thank you for offering us this wonderful meditation.” – Vijay B. Patel

“I like this course very much and I am so happy to be with you – THANK YOU. “— Champa