Around Amma India 2008

Dealing with Desires

24 Jan, 2008, On the Road to Kumbakonam, Bharata Yatra 2008 On the way to Kumbakonam, Amma pulled over and stopped at a side road, with grassy fields on either side. The site was in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, the sun was setting. One could hear the sound of crickets chirping, along with […]

Around Amma 2008 India 2008

Fulfilling Promises

Fulfilling Promises- Amma in Kumbakonam 26 Jan 2008, Kumbhakonam, Tamil Nadu, Bharata Yatra 2008 Amma held her first public program in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. The program was held on a huge Banadurai Higher Secondary School grounds, capable of holding tens of 1,000’s of people. In July of 2004, a disastrous fire took place in this […]

Around Amma Around Amma 2005 Disaster Relief

The heat of fire cools down in Amma’s arms

29 January 2005, Amritapuri Amma took the photograph, looked deeply into the eyes of the four-year-old boy it pictured and gently kissed his forehead. She then took the next photo—this one of a girl in pig tails—and did the same. There were around 70 in all, so it took some time. These were photographs of […]

Sthala Purana

The nose of Brahma’s pot

Legends of Kumbhakonam Sthala Puranas of Bharat Kumbhakonam and the surrounding villages are linked together through via a wondrous story regarding this particular cycle of creation. During the cosmic deluge of pralaya, Brahma prepared himself for the next cycle of creation. He put all the seeds from which creation would sprout in amrita [the elixir […]