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The colour of bliss, the Pink City on Holi

14 March, Jaipur, Rajasthan –Bharata Yatra 2006 Amma’s visit to Jaipur fell on Holi {read more} , the festival associated with Sri Krishna, wherein powdered paints are thrown around, painting everyone with bright pinks, oranges, greens, reds and yellows. In fact, looking out at the people who came for Amma’s programme it was clear that […]

Around Amma India 2004 Yatra

You showed me the path

Bharata Yatra 2004 Monday, 15 March 2004 — Raj Bhavan, Jaipur, Rajasthan There are things that should not happen in this world, but they do: a child set on fire, a girl thrown down a well. Are there words to comfort someone who has survived such a thing?   What do you say to a seven-year-old […]

Around Amma 2004 India 2004

Amma in the Pink City

14 March 2004 — Jaipur, Rajasthan –Bharata Yatra 2004 Jaipur, the Pink City of Rajasthan, has been blessed with Amma’s presence several times. But 14 March 2004 was only the second time Amma had given a program there. As usual, a number of local politicians were on hand to greet Her, including Shri. Ghanshyam Tiwari, […]

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‘Ap Ki Shadi Ke Liye…’

He thought that Amma said she would make a sankalpa