‘Ap Ki Shadi Ke Liye…’

7 March 2003,Jaipur

During Amma’s Jaipur programmes, a man approached Amma for darshan. He was feeling sad almost to the point of desperation: he was a 44-year-old bachelor, and his greatest desire was to get married. He did not say anything to Amma, but She whispered into his ear in his native language of Hindi, “ap ki shanti ke liye ma sankalp karengi.” (Amma has given a Divine resolve for your peace of mind.) But what the man heard was, “ap ki shadi ke liye…” He thought that Amma said she would make a sankalpa (Divine resolve) for his marriage. That very evening, at the programme itself, he met a lady.

Three days later, the same man came for darshan in Delhi, where he asked Amma if She would conduct his wedding. She agreed, and before the conclusion of the Delhi programmes, he was married, his greatest desire met, his greatest worry put to rest.