America 2019 Around Amma 2019 Messages of Amma

The disciple first must awaken the guru within

16 July, Toronto, Canada – America Yatra 2019-from Amma’s Guru Purnima message From the moment of our birth on this earth, through all the various phases of life that we travel through, up to the very moment of our death, there is always a guru there to impart us knowledge. Our journey into the world […]

Around Amma 2018 Messages of Amma

“I am the infinite, I am fullness itself” – Gurupurnima celebrations

-from Amma’s Gurupurnima message Guru Purnima is a reminder to find our purnatvam—our fullness—within. Looking through the small windows of our mind, we come to wrong conclusions about ourselves and the world. The guru is the most noble and trusted friend who awakens us to the reality that, “I am not this small entity (body, […]

Ashram Life

Gurupurnima at Amritapuri celebrated

09 July 2017, Amritapuri  Swami Turyamritananda lead the celebrations, conducted a Guru paduka puja of Amma at the Kali Temple. “There are many relationships in human life. But, the relationship between a Guru and disciple cannot be counted as one of these worldly relationships. In reality, the only bond of love that is eternal and indestructible is […]

Around Amma 2016 Guru Purnima

The Guru-disciple relationship is an everlasting connection

From Amma’s Gurupurnima message If we try to count from the beginning of the Guru-disciple tradition, tens of thousands of Gurupurnimas’ must have been celebrated by disciples. Celebrations are mere road signs, pointing us in the right direction. To understand the meaning of these celebrations, we need to go beyond the external pujas and traditional […]

Around Amma 2015 Guru Purnima Messages of Amma

Guru is the embodiment of the Scriptures

31 July 2015, Amritapuri Gurupurnima was celebrated with much devotion and enthusiasm at Amritapuri today. Many devotees came from different parts of India and the world to be with the Guru. Amma’s Padapuja was performed by Swami Amritaswarupanda with the chanting of Guru Gita and 108 Names. All the swamis garlanded Amma, Amma showered blessings […]

Around Amma 2014

Attraction to the Guru leads us to freedom

[av_partner columns=’1′ heading=” size=’no scaling’ border=” type=’slider’ animation=’slide’ navigation=’dots’ autoplay=’true’ interval=’5′ av_uid=’av-1jpvvys’] [av_partner_logo id=’40778′ av_uid=’av-19o4wt0′][/av_partner_logo] [av_partner_logo id=’40779′ av_uid=’av-tlm0ac’][/av_partner_logo] [/av_partner]   “Our inner relationship or bond of love with the guru is actually the unity we feel towards our own True Self—the Atman. So, we should not mistake the love or closeness we have towards our […]

Ashram Life

Guru Purnima in Amritapuri

12 July 2014, Amritapuri In Amritapuri Guru Purnima was celebrated. Under the leadership of Swami Turiyamritananda, Guru Paduka puja was conducted. Archana, Bhajans, Arati, and Satsang followed. [av_partner columns=’1′ heading=” size=’no scaling’ border=” type=’slider’ animation=’slide’ navigation=’dots’ autoplay=’true’ interval=’5′ av_uid=’av-2o5a08d’] [av_partner_logo id=’40772′ av_uid=’av-24w0vfx’][/av_partner_logo] [av_partner_logo id=’40773′ av_uid=’av-1gj3ij1′][/av_partner_logo] [av_partner_logo id=’40774′ av_uid=’av-18luqlp’][/av_partner_logo] [av_partner_logo id=’40775′ av_uid=’av-jssj71′][/av_partner_logo] [/av_partner]

Around Amma Ashram

Do not hurt anyone, listen to your conscience and act

25 July 2010, Amritapuri & Tokyo Guru Purnima celebrations Guru Purnima, the day dedicated to the Satguru, was celebrated joyfully today, here at Amritapuri. After the morning Archana, a beautiful ceremonious Paduka puja was performed by Swami Turiyaamritananda Puri, one of Amma’s earliest disciples, amidst soulful Vedic chants by the ashramites. Amma was in Tokyo, […]


Gurupurnima at Amritapuri

When Gurupurnima was celebrated at Amritapuri on 7 Jul 2009 Swami Turiyamritananda is perfoming Guru Paduka puja

Around Amma

Sacrifice and service are the real worship

Guru Purnima 18 July 2008 – Marlboro, Massachusetts, USA Throughout the world, Amma’s devotees and disciples offered their heartfelt worship and prayers to their beloved Satguru today. In Marlboro, Massachusetts, where Amma was concluding her 21st annual tour of the United States, Sri Guru Pada Puja was performed, as well as the chanting of Amma’s […]