Time is the greatest wealth of a spiritual seeker

23 July 2021, Amritapuri – Gurupurnima Celebrations

Excerpts from Amma’s Gurupurnima Message

Guru Purṇima shouldn’t just be an external ritual observance. It is a transformation that should happen within. Only then will you always be able to experience the guru’s presence and blessings.

A Satguru possesses a visible physical form as well as an invisible spiritual presence. The visible form is important. However, the invisible presence is the most important. When the wind blows, the branches and leaves of a tree move. That reveals the wind’s form. However, the presence of the wind is everywhere and is all-pervasive. This is the difference between the Satguru’s physical form and their spiritual presence.

The guru-sishya relationship becomes complete only if the disciple has faith and self-surrender. The guru-principle, the guru’s presence and the guru’s grace are always present, regardless of time and space. They are everywhere, pervading everything. Just as the mother’s womb expands to accommodate the developing baby, the disciple’s heart should also expand. Humility, faith and proper discernment should grow there. Only then will the disciple be able to see the guru in the stones, wind, ocean and in every grain of sand. But it is not easy to cultivate such qualities. This is why it is said that only when the disciple exists does the guru exist.

Those who wish to be disciples should be able to consider the guru as their closest friend. It is easy for us to listen to and follow the advice of a good friend who sincerely loves us. We listen to them attentively, with an open heart, because we know our friend will only advise us to do only what is beneficial. Our understanding, love and faith in our friend will motivate us and give us strength. If we consider our guru such an intimate friend, it will help us to gradually develop disciplehood as well as devotion and surrender.

Everything in the world is a mixture of good and bad qualities. However, the guru is someone who is completely free of any blemishes. The guru is whole and complete. Hence, whatever the guru does will be for the good of the disciple. The brilliance of the sun dispels darkness, but it also can cause sunburn. However, the moon is not so. Even as it dispels darkness, it brings coolness. It is filled with beauty and brings joy to the beholder. The guru is like that. The guru is like the bright full moon that has no blemishes. The guru’s compassion descends on us like gentle moonbeams. Only good and beneficial things can emerge from a sadguru. But this doesn’t mean a disciple will not get scolded when he does something wrong. He may get chastised, but it will only be for his own good.

The greatest wealth of a spiritual seeker is time. Without wasting time, with an attitude of surrender, may my children be able to obey the guru’s instructions and make your life meaningful. May grace bless you to achieve this.