Until the inner Guru awakens, one needs an external Guru

05 July 2020, Amritapuri
– from Amma’s Guru Purnima message

The term “Guru Purnima” compares the guru to the full moon. The light of the full moon benefits those who are awake at night. When we even hear the phrase “full moon,” a joy inadvertently fills our heart. Without even thinking why, we feel a pull to look at it and enjoy its splendour. We may even forget everything and dance. To see light in the middle of a dark night, one experiences the same relief a thirsty person feels when he drinks water. During the full moon, the tide rises to its highest point. The full moon has an attraction and magnetism that uplifts our mind. Logically or scientifically speaking, there may be other explanations, but whatever be the reason, the silvery moonlight gives joy to everyone. A guru is also like that. A realised master blesses the entire world with auspiciousness. Any association with the guru can only bring goodness and glory.

When the sun rises, darkness ceases to exist. In the same way, our teachers who educate us in different subjects remove the darkness of ignorance from within us. However, there is a science that is greater and nobler than all other sciences; it is AtmaVidya—the science of the True Self. That is the science, among all sciences, that Bhagavan Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita says is him.

All knowledge pertaining to this material world is based in duality. However, spirituality is the science that reveals the truth that shines as the “I” within each of us. The sadguru is the person who guides us to this nondual knowledge.

The disciple should maintain reverence and devotion for the Satguru—always and every day. However, the birth anniversary of Maharishi Veda Vyasa has been set aside as Guru Purnima—a special day of celebrating this reverence to the guru.

Some people say, “God and guru reside within each and every one of us. So, what is the need for an external guru?”

Even though God and guru dwell within us, our mental state is unfit to imbibe that presence. At present we are extroverted; so, the inner guru has yet to awaken. Until the inner guru awakens, a spiritual aspirant definitely needs the guidance of an external guru.

Paduka puja

At present, the disciple is identified with the body but desires to rise above his body-consciousness to the realisation that he is the True Self. The Satguru is the one who removes from the disciple the darkness of ignorance. A guru is like the shining flame of an oil lamp. For the darkness within a disciple to be removed, his internal lamp needs to be lit. This is where the guru-lamp comes in. If we put in the necessary effort, the doors of divine grace will certainly open. May my children have the strength and blessings to receive that grace. May that grace bless everyone.