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Roar Like Lions

This is an excerpt from the inaugural address by Amma, at the 11th edition of the Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair based on the theme, ‘Foster Women’s Honour’. Speaking on the occasion, Amma stressed gender equality. Womanhood is the underlying principle and essence of being a woman For Amma, men and women are equal: both […]

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You are in Amma’s heart, Amma is also in you

5th July 2020 – Amritapuri – from Amma’s Guru Punima program Amma knows that many devotees are sad that they cannot be here today for Gurupurnima. We have to abide by the Government rules. When so many residents stay here, Amma has to ensure their safety as well. Only if we behave as model citizens […]

Around Amma 2017 Orphanage

Children of Parippally: Who says they are orphans?

10 December 2017, Amritapuri Late last year, just one day after Amma had returned from her annual European tour, a group of very special visitors came to Amritapuri to see Amma. They were all alumni of the *Amrita Niketan orphanage and Higher Secondary Sanskrit School at Paripally. Though they may have lived in the orphanage […]

Around Amma 2016

The Science of Compassion: A documentary on Amma by Shekhar Kapur

Mumbai – May 26, 2016 World-renowned film director, actor and producer Shekhar Kapur today officially launched a new documentary about Amma titled The Science of Compassion. The film was shot at Amritapuri Ashram in September 2013, during Amma’s 60th birthday celebrations. In the documentary, Shekhar Kapur investigates the source of human compassion and creativity. The […]

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Guru is the embodiment of the Scriptures

31 July 2015, Amritapuri Gurupurnima was celebrated with much devotion and enthusiasm at Amritapuri today. Many devotees came from different parts of India and the world to be with the Guru. Amma’s Padapuja was performed by Swami Amritaswarupanda with the chanting of Guru Gita and 108 Names. All the swamis garlanded Amma, Amma showered blessings […]

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Accept the situation, develop faith, move forward

Amma visits tsunami relief camps in Japan 25 July, Tokyo During the programs in Tokyo, many people from tsunami-affected areas came to seek solace and guidance from Amma. A number of them wept in her arms as they shared their grief with her. People expressed their concern over radiation threats. Some of them were anxious […]

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Valuable donations

Tuesday, 7 September 2004 — Amritapuri The greatest miracle, Amma has said, is a mind desirous of helping others. The 10th standard class at Amritvidyalayam Perumbavoor is full of miracles. Inspired by Amma’s life of selfless service, Deepu S. Raju initiated a project in his class to help Perumbavoor’s poor. The project, called Karunamrita [Immortal […]


Devotion to the Guru

The true shishya (disciple) considers his Guru to be God Himself. The Guru Gita says that devotion to the Guru is one of the highest virtues of a seeker and cannot be obtained by those whose minds are impure or unfit for it. The shishya is protected by his Guru from all the dangers that […]