Accept the situation, develop faith, move forward

Amma consoling a refugee at the campAmma visits tsunami relief camps in Japan

25 July, Tokyo

During the programs in Tokyo, many people from tsunami-affected areas came to seek solace and guidance from Amma. A number of them wept in her arms as they shared their grief with her. People expressed their concern over radiation threats. Some of them were anxious to know if their children and the next generation of their family members would be safe with the radiation and constant natural calamities that haunt Japan. Seeing the grief and the pain of the people, Amma decided to visit the disaster area and one of the relief camps.

After the program in Tokyo ended at 5:30 am Amma immediately left for one of the relief camps in Tagajo Sports Complex, 500 kms away. This place is currently utilised as a relief center for the displaced members of the community.

Amma was taken on a tour of the complex, and shown how the cardboard divided cubicles provided for the temporary housing of the over 200 residents.

Amma addressed the refugee residents, with the following words of inspiration, “You have just been through painful experiences, and you have yet to come out of that shock. The situation is such that no words can give you peace. Amma is here just to part take in the grief that you are going through. There are certain situations in life where you cannot do anything but accept. This is one of those situations. If you ask a musician where the music is coming from, he would say ‘its from my fingers, or from my throat, or from my heart’. If you operate the finger, the throat or the heart you will not find music. Actually music is coming from beyond. We have to understand the limitations of our actions, and the place of God’s Grace in our life. Keeping faith in that power, my children, pray for the Grace. Like any other decision, happiness is also a decision. Have a resolve, let any thing happen, I will be happy, I will be courageous. Without losing the self-confidence or faith in God, move forward”.

After a few minutes of silent meditation, Amma led the group in chanting prayers for the departed.

Amma embraced and consoled each resident, offering them Her shoulder on which they unburdened their sorrows. Amma’s face reflected their grief; tears were flowing from their eyes and also from hers. Knowing that the residents had lost everything, Amma presented household items for their material support to help improve their life at the center.

Amma offering prayers and flowers at the sea

Amma also visited the worst hit areas of Shichigahama coastal region. In some places there was complete destruction, in others one could still faintly make out the foundations of a houses where neighbourhoods once stood.

At the Shichigahama beach area, looking out at the Pacific Ocean, Amma called on all to pray for peace and for harmony in nature. She then led the group in prayers for peace, chanting Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti nine times, and Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu three times.

Amma offered a bouquet of flowers to the ocean, wading a few inches in, paying Her respects to it as well. She stood gazing out at the horizon for some time, then encouraged all the members of the group to follow by offering their flowers.

The pink blossoms were drawn out to sea along with everyone’s prayers for peace.