Around Amma 2023 Gurukula Satsang

The significance of chanting Brahmarpanam before meals

It is not only about expressing gratitude for the food we eat but also about recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings and elements involved in bringing that food to our plates

Around Amma 2023 mantras Teachings

Amma’s lesson on the importance of remembering mantra

Let us all take this lesson to heart and continue to chant the mantra, pursuing the path of sadhana with devotion and determination.

Around Amma 2023 Ashram Life Meditation

Interaction with the kids and a lesson in mindfulness

6 Feb 2023, Amritapuri Ashram The daily evening bhajans at the Ashram are always filled with joy, laughter, love and peace. It is a time for the community to come together and connect with the divine through music and prayers. During one of these bhajan sessions, Amma was interacting with the kids, and one of […]

International Forum Messages of Amma

May our actions talk louder than our words

Amma prays that this eminent venture brings transformation in human minds. May our actions talk louder than our words. May they create ripples of love, compassion, and respect in human hearts.

Festivals Messages of Amma

Do not allow ourselves to lose our self-confidence

The self-confidence is like a booster rocket. One should not compare oneself with others and develop an inferiority complex. Even people who are considered to be very strong, in certain circumstances they, can lose their self-confidence.

Around Amma 2022 Messages of Amma

Devi manifests as knowledge, love and all virtues

This entire universe is but a play of that cosmic power. Hence, we should see the Mother of the Universe in everything and love and serve everyone equally, without prejudice.

Around Amma 2022 Messages of Amma Onam

Increase our circle of compassion

We have learned to fly like a bird and swim like a fish but have forgotten to walk and live like humans. Only when we realise this will our life become joyful.

Messages of Amma

Foster the remembrance of Krishna only to become Krishna

Lord Krishna showed us through the example of his life how to be joyful from childhood to old age and to make one’s entire life a celebration.

!nteresting Messages of Amma

Amma on India

“We have a role to play and a dharma towards our country.” ~Amma “Just as we bathe daily in order to keep our bodies clean, and just as we use perfumes, we should ensure that we maintain the cleanliness of our roads and public places, which are parts of our country’s body.” ~Amma “If Bharat […]

Around Amma 2022 Messages of Amma

The Guru never wants the disciple to remain a disciple.

Surrender is nothing but giving up our likes and dislikes. That is when our heart opens. The Guru’s grace is always present, but we should grant ourselves our own grace.