Real yoga is releasing us from the clutches of the ego

21 June 2024, Amritapuri Ashram

International Day of Yoga at the Ashram

The serene grounds of Amritapuri Ashram became a hub of tranquility and unity as people gathered to celebrate the United Nations’ 10th International Day of Yoga with Amma. The event also included the participation of CRPF soldiers and police stationed at the ashram. This year’s theme, “Yoga for Self and Society,” emphasized yoga’s transformative potential to harmonize individuals’ minds and bodies while positively impacting those around them.

Amma addressed the gathering, underscoring the significance of yoga in promoting physical health and mental relaxation. “Yoga is very important to keep the body healthy and the mind relaxed and free from anxiety. However, the deeper understanding and practice of yoga can help us realize our infinite potential, releasing us from the clutches of the ego,” she said.

Amma elaborated on the concept of “Self-dependence,” explaining that yoga helps individuals become free from worldly dependencies and find enduring happiness and security within themselves. “The happiness and security we receive in this ‘Self-dependence’ is permanent and does not change, regardless of what we see externally,” she noted.

Amma also highlighted the distinction between physical and mental health. She explained that physical health improves with movement, while mental health benefits from stillness. In modern society, where physical activity has decreased and mental stress has increased, yoga offers scientific methods to enhance both bodily and mental efficiency.

Following Amma’s address, Brahmacharini Shobhana, a coordinator with Amrita Yoga, led a session of simple asanas.As participants engaged in the ancient practice, they embodied the theme of the day, demonstrating how yoga can ripple out to create a more harmonious and peaceful world.


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