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  • Planting one lakh seed balls in the forest, in just 6 hours

    Planting one lakh seed balls in the forest, in just 6 hours

    various groups and spent more than six hours planting one lakh seed balls in the challenging terrain and wilderness in the forest area of Delhi-NCR

  • Green Friends Mauritius launched

    Green Friends Mauritius launched

    21 June 2015, Mata Amritanandamayi Centre, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius GreenFriends Mauritius planted 150 saplings, both indigenous and exotic plants to commemorate its launching and mark the first International Yoga Day. Trees are the lungs of Mother Earth, filtering pollution and providing oxygen in return. Over the course of its life a single tree can absorb…

  • Green initiative launched in St. Petersburg

    Green initiative launched in St. Petersburg

    Inspired by Amma’s words that “each and every person on this planet should play their part in restoring harmony to Nature”, the group of Amma’s devotees from St. Petersburg, Russia, has launched a green initiative to help the local botanical garden. Established in 1714, the garden is home to 7.5 thousand kinds of plants from…

  • Clean up along the Suva sea beach

    29 Jan 2012, Fiji The first of Amma Fiji’s Green Friends initiative in 2012 was a beach clean up along the Suva Sea Wall. Over 30 participants, including expats and locals of all ages participated. Everybody worked cheerfully and even few people passing by joined in the cleaning work. The group picked up hundreds of…

  • Youth meeting for a better future

    Youth meeting for a better future

    la Ferme du Plessis, Paris From July 24th to August 1st AYUDH and GreenFriends welcomed in la Ferme du Plessis more than 150 youth from all over the world to propose two different approaches of the various dimensions of ecology. Entitled “Embracing Life – Living in the Respect of Nature”, the 6th European Youth Exchange…

  • Green Singapore

    On Earth Day, GreenFriends volunteers planted saplings at Bedok district, Singapore

  • GreenFriends towards greener society

    GreenFriends representatives from several European countries met in the French ashram for an Easter retreat from 2 to 5 April, to launch GreenFriends Europe, the informal network of all of Embracing the World’s green initiatives in Europe. The three-day retreat was a meeting to motivate, cultivate and develop newer ideas on green initiatives for fostering the…

  • Sprouting of GrowIn

    Sprouting of GrowIn

    People from many countries took part in a webcast and highlighted the work on many different vegetables they could grow in small spaces.

  • Amma in Paris

    Paris, France, 25th – 27th October 2009 Amma’s program was attended by an endless crowd. People from all over France lined up outside as long as to the street corner almost 1 km away. AYUDH, the youth wing presented the amazing ecological project called Babel that started in Amma’s French ashram in Pontqouin about 1…

  • Bee farming by Green friends

    West Cork, Ireland The GreenFriends members in Ireland started bee farming. A devotee has provided space on her land for organic growing. On ‘Bee Day’ 2009, Greenfriends Ireland beekeeper gave a practical course, including a visit to some hives and detailed presentations. The course was held in a house made of natural building materials, like…