AYUDH Green Friends

Sprouting of GrowIn

planting in Italy

On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day (18th of April) AYUDH groups around the world connected via an internet web-cast to plant seeds together. Amma had blessed and inaugurated the GrowIn project on her last tour in EU and USA. {news} AYUDH community gardens have sprung up in USA, Germany, France, India and Australia.

As a second phase of the GrowIn project, AYUDH wanted to inspire individuals to grow their own vegetables at home. This new initiative as part of GrowIn was launched to create a feeling of togetherness amongst the “green-youth” and to provide them with professional guidance in setting up a small garden in their homes – on a balcony or a window shelf. Like the big tree that comes from a little seed, the open themes of the GrowIn range from green farming and agriculture to the many global issues such as those dealt with in the upcoming Milan Expo 2015.

People from many countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Ireland, Belgium and Kenya took part in the webcast and highlighted the work on many different vegetables that they could grow in small spaces. Australian youth had also joined in the action by planting seeds on that day although web-casting was not possible due to time differences. Every participant had prepared little country-flags, which were placed into the freshly planted pots, so that it can be noticed in pictures online where each pot is from. It was decided that each group will take photos of their plants in regular intervals and upload them online. AYUDH Italy had even organized some seminar talks to the participants by some local experts on Energy conservation and Solar Energy and had planted several vegetables on a small balcony garden at a house beside a famous Lake near Milan.